29 years experience in paediatric Podiatry

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Welcome to Footlink- Kidsfeet

“The younger the child, the easier, shorter and less expensive the treatment”

Principal Podiatrist, Dr Henry Netscher, has 29 years experience pioneering and working in paediatric Podiatry.

Qualifications: Ph.D; LLB; Grad. Dip. Legal Practice; M.Ed. (Research); B.Ed; Dip. App. Sc. (Podiatry); Dip. Teach. (Secondary Health/ Phys.ED/ Maths).

Footlink Kidsfeet is located at

15 Dornoch Tce, West End Qld 4101

PHONE or Text 0413 711 472

Opening Hours at West End:

During School Terms:  Monday (pm) and Saturday (all day);

During School Holidays: Monday, Thursday, Saturday.

Opening Hours at Ballina:

Dr Henry Netscher is also consulting in paediatric Podiatry on Wednesdays at:

Rightfoot Podiatry, 80 Crane St Ballina NSW

(ph. 1300 880 942 for Ballina appointments only)

Our Aim:  To help develop healthy posture and gait in children, and to keep children active.

Bring your infant (from birth), child and/ or adolescent to Footlink-Kidsfeet for diagnosis and treatment of foot and related lower limb conditions.



Our Services:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of children’s foot and foot-related conditions.
  • Neuro-muscular patterning rehabilitation
  • Orthotic prescription
  • Orthotic design and manufacture
  • Splint prescription for alignment disorders such as metatarsus adductus, tip toeing, talipes calcaneo valgus, bunions
  • Splint design and manufacture
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Gross motor skill development exercises

Our Facilities

  • Opening Hours:
    • During School Terms- Monday 1.30-5.30; Saturday 10-6.30
    • School Holidays-          Monday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Open-plan family friendly environment
  • Facilities include disabled access, onsite orthotic laboratory, X-Box 360 Konnect, lots of toys.
  • Relaxed non-clinical atmosphere.